COLDWAY was created in 2001 by Laurent RIGAUD and Francis KINDBEITER. It is a French company which has brought about a major innovation in the generation of heat and cold, finally making it possible to store industrial cold and use it as required in any place and in all circumstances, regardless of the power desired and without the need for external energy.

The originality of this internationally patented invention is that it is an autonomous process, i.e. it uses no continuous external energy and is both mobile and reusable without being limited in time and without using consumables. This fully developed invention has now entered industrial production.

One of the first solutions introduced by the company has provided the perfect answer to the absolute health needs of an entirely uninterrupted cold chain, as required for example in the food, medical, logistics and transport sectors, -where control and traceability of temperatures and both flexibility and reliability in transporting temperature sensitive products at constant temperatures are essential.

Through its expertise in refrigeration systems and in order to meet professional requirements in the health, logistics and food industries, Coldway has strategically positioned itself as the “Cold Chain Specialist. It has designed, manufactured and distributed products dedicated to the cold chain for over 15 years for both the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products. Coldway’s unique knowledge and experience in the field is the basis for its hallmark expert solutions.
The product ranges developed by COLDWAY now equip over 600 clients in France and 45 other countries in the fields of health, food, transport and logistics.

Capitalising on its almost 15 years of experience and expertise in producing autonomous refrigeration systems and on its ability to innovate, COLDWAY is now providing customised solutions to companies seeking applications specifically adapted to their sector (energy, automotive industry and leisure appliances etc.,).

Foundation of COLDWAY by Francis KINDBEITER and Laurent RIGAUD, two researchers from the Institute of materials and processing sciences and engineering part of the French National Centre for Scientific Research – CNRS). The aim of the company is to continue the development of an autonomous process for the generation and control of cold on the basis of over 10 years of fundamental research.
COLDWAY obtains EC approval for its thermochemical heat and cold generation system and launches its first refrigeration boxes for the medical market.
COLDWAY succeeds in its first fundraising exercise, obtaining capital from two venture capital companies. The company develops its electronic temperature regulation system for refrigeration boxes and develops its range of products.
COLDWAY launches the Alcatherm range in France and internationally, winning customers and plaudits from the fields of carriers, laboratories, care facilities and the food industry.
COLDWAY consolidates the launch of its OEM activities by signing its first industrial partnership for the development of a customised product incorporating COLDWAY technology.
The COLDWAY quality management system is certified in compliance with Standard ISO 9001:2008
COLDWAY succeeds in its second fundraising exercise, acquiring 9.3 million Euros from its historical shareholders and two new investors, including the French State as part of the “Investments for the Future” Programme of the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME).
Two new product launches equipped with COLDWAY technology during this year: the Roll range, a completely unique product family dedicated to logistics and transport and designed to provide a solution to the difficulties caused by the inadequate flexibility of logistics systems, and the utility vehicle equipped with three temperature ranges to meet the needs of medical analytical laboratories to transport laboratory samples at controlled temperatures.

COLDWAY has approximately thirty employees, who are geared towards project development, from initial innovation to final full-scale industrial production.

R&D Department : the R&D department is the strategic arm of COLDWAY and has 8 engineers and technicians specialising in electronics, mechanical and thermal engineering; they are tasked in particular with designing application systems and developing customised solutions for specific client needs. This department consists of a design office, a prototype workshop and a test laboratory.
COLDWAY has established a robust development plan, from the expression of customer requirements through the initial prototype to full-scale production, in order to develop new products in accordance with quality management principles.
The R&D department works closely with several partners including the PROMES laboratory, which is a research unit of the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS).
Industrial Department : this is the real interface between R&D and production. The industrial department is tasked with the industrial upscaling of new products. It is also responsible for dimensioning and developing the production machinery consistent with customer requirements, while at the same time guaranteeing quality and global productivity targets.
Quality department : this department guarantees the excellence and quality of COLDWAY products. The company is committed to an ISO 9001 V2008 quality process.
Marketing department : COLDWAY’s marketing activities are organised along two strategic branches: firstly sales of the catalogue product range, whether directly or through distributors, and secondly the development of customised products to meet the specific needs of companies in potentially strong markets.
General / Administrative and Financial management : this department groups together all of the supporting functions (management, administration and finance, sales administration)

Laurent RIGAUD, Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Engineering Doctorate in “Thermochemical Systems”
  • IFG Diploma in innovation, marketing and management (Institut Français de Gestion)
  • Design and execution of the COLDWAY strategy
  • Operational management
  • Responsibility for industrial property and patent management
  • Responsible for commercial development

David TADIOTTO, Research & Development Director, Member of the Board of Directors

  • Master’s degree in industrial and mechanical engineering – ENSAM
  • 20 years’ experience with a tier 1 automotive components supplier – Thermal Systems
  • Head of Research and Development from early concept to final production
  • Programmes management.
  • Cross-departmental operational management

Chantal BIASOTTO, Administrative and Financial Director

  • Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (–ESCP business school)
  • Over 20 years’ experience, including 10 years in administrative and financial management (accounting and legal management, human resources, directing acquisition and merger procedures, achievement and monitoring of ISO 9001 certifications, etc.)
  • Expertise in the medical field .

Francis KINDBEITER, Technical Director and Head of Quality, Co-founder,

  • Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from INSA LYON
  • Training as Quality Manager for ISO 9001: 2008
  • Over twelve years’ experience in product development including 11 at COLDWAY and 2 at the CNRS laboratory.
  • Has a full understanding of the thermochemical process.