On the strength of its almost 15 years of experience and its proven technology, COLDWAY is one of the major players in the "temperature-controlled" equipment market. In sectors where absolute maintenance of the cold chain is an essential criterion, COLDWAY provides solutions that meet the combined requirements of health and safety, cost control and a reduction in environmental impact.

Meeting the requirements of the cold chain.

COLDWAY’s major attribute is to offer an integrated solution which will secure the integrity of the cold chain. This solution is based on a complete package of products for refrigerated transport, ensuring not only optimal product storage conditions in transit (the refrigeration box), but also a guarantee of effective regulation (integral electronic system with a programmable temperature limit, recorder and alarm system), and complete autonomy (self-powered, ventilated, thermochemical system).

Offering customised solutions specifically adapted to the needs and constraints of individual customers

The key words describing the teams in COLDWAY’s design office are flexibility, adaptation and engineering. Starting with a specific study of the client’s needs and process, COLDWAY undertakes to provide the right answer by defining and implementing an individually tailored product/process solution.

Contributing to the strategic industrial challenges of tomorrow

As a truly innovating company, COLDWAY also commits its expertise to new research and development projects for future strategic applications, meeting major challenges such as managing the storage and release of energy or reducing the environmental impact of industrial refrigeration.