Combining flexibility, innovation and food safety

The food sector also has a particularly keen interest in temperature-controlled transport. Perishable foods need a cold temperature to be maintained in order to ensure that they store well and to guarantee food safety. 45% of sold foods are subject to a cold chain in industrialised countries, and the market for fresh and processed products is increasing rapidly. For obvious public health reasons, regulations and standards are increasing in number in order to ensure maintenance of the food chain and therefore of the cold chain.

COLDWAY products also provide the market with innovative solutions to combat disruption of the cold chain and to keep meals hot (“hot delivery”): they therefore provide a response to the needs of community restaurant and cafeteria services, home meal delivery, out of home restaurant services and caterers, etc.

When applied to the specific needs of cafeterias and community catering services, COLDWAY’s technology also offers the possibility of new innovations for improving the quality of service, such as autonomous self-service distribution units or simultaneous community delivery of both hot and cold meals.