Safety and control in the transport of temperature sensitive products

The health sector is COLDWAY’s reference market, both because of its regulatory requirements and the value and importance of the products being transported. Maintaining constant temperature during the transport and storage of blood samples and biological products (samples, blood bags and transplants) is a real public health challenge.
COLDWAY provides a solution for temperature management during transport that fully meets the mobility and traceability requirements of hospitals, health centres, the French Blood Transfusion facilities, medical analytical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

In the pharmaceutical industry, these products are carried either by refrigerated transport systems or by using disposable insulated packaging, which raises recycling problems. Temperature sensitive products account for 3.5% of the medicines market and are now responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions in France.

COLDWAY’s containers are more economical and eco-responsible than refrigerated vehicles (no additional fuel consumption) and can be used in a conventional vehicle to meet the most demanding physical and logistics requirements (protection against weather conditions, frequent stops etc.) at greatly reduced cost. The COLDWAY system is entirely independent of the vehicle and of any power source and guarantees protection against temperature shock while also providing complete safety of the transported products.

The various COLDWAY product ranges provide controlled temperatures of between -30°C and +37°C for volumes of between 7 to 1000 litres. Each box is certified in compliance with Standard FDX 15-140.