Cost optimisation in a disruption-proof solution

Interruption of the cold chain is a major hazard faced by transporters of temperature-sensitive products in the logistics chain. COLDWAY has conceived and designed a range of products that provide the necessary guarantees of temperature control and product preservation through the combination of its insulated containers and its electronically regulated autonomous cold generation system.

On the solid foundation of this experience, the company is extending its Alcatherm range into positive cold rolls with increased capacity (from 350 to 900 litres), in order to meet increasing demands from the temperature-controlled logistics market for greater flexibility and reduced operating costs. This product is designed for all supply, distribution, transport and logistics sectors that need to maintain an undisrupted cold chain and control their operating costs

Carriers therefore now have an autonomous stand-alone solution that provides a true alternative to refrigerated vehicles (which are more expensive on fuel). In addition, the use of these containers is entirely compatible with a fleet of dry or electrical vehicles. They are modular and adaptable and allow products stored at different temperatures to be carried inside the same vehicle (mixed, refrigerated/dry transport).

In addition, they provide greater adaptability for point-of-sales delivery, – last kilometre logistics -since they remain unaffected by frequent stops and adapt easily to electrical vehicles, which are increasingly used for short journeys or town centre traffic.