The Alcatherm® Container range is designed for the transportation of temperature sensitive products in vehicles. The units are completely self-sufficient and do not require a 230V mains supply or a vehicle plug-in for operation. They are easily loaded into standard vehicles.

Product advantages

  • Easy to install in non-modified standard vehicles.
  • Several containers can be loaded onto the same vehicle, allowing products at different temperatures to be transported.
  • No additional fuel consumption due to the refrigeration system
  • Self-sufficient refrigeration, even when the vehicle is stopped.

General Features

  • Body and door made of laminated polyester and white lacquered exterior, food quality for the framework.
  • White lacquered panelling and food quality stainless steel interior for model C160.
  • Easy to clean using professional detergent or disinfectant
  • High-performance thermal insulation made from CFC-free expanded polyurethane foam.

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Technical Features

  • Refrigeration using patented thermochemical system: silent, reliable and requiring very little maintenance.
  • Fan circulation cooling system for an even internal temperature
  • Programming of setting temperature between +2 and +25°C
  • Permanent external digital display
  • Precise internal temperature regulation of ±2°C regardless of the external temperature.
  • Extension of the temperature range, +12°C to + 25°C, by connection to the vehicle’s 12V-DC supply.
  • Built-in system for internal temperature and door opening traceability.
  • Audible high- and low-temperature alarms

The solution to regulatory requirements

  • Equipment may be COFRAC qualified (standard FDX 15-140)
  • ATP evaluated equipment
  • Equipment meets HACCP requirements


  • 4 casters
  • Vehicle installation kit
  • Interior chiller blinds
  • Euro pallet base
  • Extension of the temperature range: +12°C to +25°C by connection to the vehicle’s 12V-DC supply.


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