Coldway has extensive experience in fitting its products in all types of insulated containers or trolleys (stainless steel, aluminium, polyethylene, polyester etc.). This development service covers a very diverse range of applications, which vary according to product type (trolleys, rolls, insulated vehicles etc.), operating conditions and target temperatures (from -30°C to +63°C). We stand out from our competitors through the use of our patented technology which allows us to offer unique temperature regulation solutions. Our systematic analysis of your requirements will result in an appropriate qualified overall solution, whilst controlling costs and ensuring environmental needs are met. Coldway uses its R&D department and test laboratory to validate the technical solutions that we offer.

Thermochemical Refrigeration Units :

Coldway offers its standard thermochemical refrigeration units for sale, or can undertake studies on how to integrate its refrigeration units into any type of container.

  • A full range of thermochemical refrigeration units with different capacities from the Alcatherm® range
  • Refrigeration of containers or trolleys from 100 to 2000 litres
  • Self-sufficient operation for up to 48 hours

Freetherm system on demand :

The Freetherm system is a regulated fan-cooled solution which uses passive refrigeration technology (eutectic plates or dry ice). Coldway undertakes development of this system on request for any type of container from 10 to 500l.
Bespoke projects follow a proven development path, from the statement of customer’s requirements, through prototyping to volume production, ensuring quality-based management principles are observed.

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