Freetech is a range of very robust insulated containers which are compatible with eutectic plates and intended for long periods of “passive cold” transportation. Various configurations are available, depending on temperature and transportation time requirements. Our team of experts provide customers with advice and guidance on the best configuration to meet their requirements.

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Product advantages

  • All our configurations have been laboratory evaluated.
  • Enhanced insulation
  • Very robust containers

General Features

  • Rigid insulated box
  • Polyethylene coating
  • Insulation made of injected polyurethane foam
  • ATP (F100L) evaluated equipment
  • Lockable
  • Eutectic plate holders
  • Easy to clean

Available volumes

  • 11L
  • 40L
  • 100L

Technical Features

  • One-piece body and door made of food-grade rotational-moulded polyethylene
  • Easy to clean using professional detergent or disinfectant
  • High-performance thermal insulation made from CFC-free expanded polyurethane foam.
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