The Freetherm combines COLDWAY’s expertise in temperature control, the use of eutectic plates and heat production to provide complete and permanent temperature control over long time intervals. The solution developed by COLDWAY introduces eutectic plates into the box in a compartment separated from the storage space. The fan system ensures that the internal temperature can be controlled between +2°C and + 8°C with a precision of ±2°C.

Fonctionnement du Système Freetherm

Fonctionnement du Système Freetherm

Product advantages

  • Self-sufficient refrigeration
  • Even temperature throughout the interior of the box
  • No contact between the refrigerant and product
  • Suitable for multi-stop deliveries
  • Light and silent

Volume available

  • 5L
  • 19L
  • 64L
  • General Features

    • High strength due to the high density of the EPP
    • Does not deform
    • Absorbs shock
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Extremely break resistant
    • Perfectly suited for heavy loads
    • Safe and easy to handle

    Technical Features

    • Compartment into which the eutectic plates for the cold source are introduced.
    • Regulated refrigeration due to the fan system and eutectic plates
    • Regulation module operated by 12V battery.
    • Dry ice can be used for negative temperatures only 
    • Precise internal temperature regulation of ±3°C regardless of the external temperature.
    • Target temperature programming between -30°C and +8°C
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