The turnkey solution for controlled temperature transportation of medical products. One-, two- or three-temperature vehicle.

A dedicated multi-temperature vehicle for biological sample collection

Goods vehicle specifically fitted out and equipped to meet the requirements of ADR regulations and Medical Biology laboratory accreditation standards NF EN ISO 15189.

Layouts which guarantee compliance with technical and ergonomic standards

  • Polyester coated wooden floor with aluminium door threshold
  • Ventilation grilles and electric roof ventilator
  • 220V External Maréchal plug
  • Electrical panel with 12V and 220V connection inside the vehicle
  • Plate for fixing boxes
  • Complete ADR kit

Thermostatically controlled COFRAC-standard containers

  • COLDWAY self-sufficient regulated containers with built-in traceability system.
  • Various volumes from 22L to 410L
  • Temperature range from -30°C to +37°C
  • Geo-location and real-time temperature monitoring system.

Configuration can be fully customised by addition of supplementary options.

For purchase or for hire

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