As seen by the many uses of the cold and hot systems which are already in operation, COLDWAY technology has demonstrated its ability to meet specific needs in several markets. The universal, innovative and lasting nature of the COLDWAY thermochemical process derives not only from the fact that it is autonomous, mobile and reusable but also from its capacity to adapt to very different markets (health, pharmaceutics, logistics, food sector, etc.).

With a combination of a design office, a prototype workshop and a test laboratory, COLDWAY’s R&D is focussed on studying application systems and developing customised solutions for specific client needs.

From the expression of a specific industrial need to its full-scale industrial implementation, the COLDWAY R&D department is already working on many projects involving conceivable customised applications developed to specific order in accordance with quality management principles.

In order to meet all the demands of the cold chain, the company has launched several research and innovation projects.

  • Development of a new reagent to incorporate negative cold into the Alcatherm container range.
  • A new system enabling cold to also be generated during the recharging phase.
  • Simultaneous generation of cold and heat
  • Solar regeneration (solar refrigerator, solar air conditioning) and the simultaneous generation of cold and heat.

Sectors which may be involved in the future include catering, food service, automotive industry and energy.