A world of conceivable applications

With almost 15 years of expertise in producing autonomous refrigeration systems using the thermochemical system, COLDWAY is building on its skills and experience gained in the food and medical sectors in order to respond to companies seeking to develop applications specifically adapted for their own sector.

COLDWAY’s site in PIA (Pyrénées-Orientales) has an integral R&D department and design office that combines the expertise of researchers, engineers and technicians in the fields of heat, mechanical engineering, metrology and electronics.

From examining the customer’s needs to designing, manufacturing and evaluating customised solutions, COLDWAY follows a proven development methodology to meet the requirements of its industrial partners.

With its novel technology, COLDWAY has positioned itself as an obvious partner for leading companies seeking to move towards a non-polluting alternative technology that can bring substantial savings. Through the industrial control of its process, Coldway can implement its technology in specially designed products in order to meet specific requirements relating to hot and cold problems. Coldway is now working with international industrial partners who are leaders in their market.

The company’s R&D department is working on many research projects with university or industrial partners and is also working towards the development of future strategic applications in sectors such as the automotive industry, leisure appliances or energy.