The process developed by COLDWAY is based on a simple principle – the production of cold and heat by instant, autonomous and powerful chemical reaction between ammonia and salts contained in a reactor and an evaporator. These reactive substances – ammonia, salts and graphite – are fully enclosed in a hermetically factory-sealed circuit and do not require any refilling, making the system totally inaccessible and completely secure.

The COLDWAY thermochemical system consists of three parts – a reactor which contains the reagents (salts and graphite), an evaporator which contains liquid ammonia, and a communication valve between the two tanks. It operates in two phases: the cold and/or heat generation phase (Phase 1) and the regeneration and energy storage phase (phase 2)

Phase 1: Generation of cold and/or heat

When the valve is opened the liquid ammonia inside the evaporator evaporates, thereby producing cold, whereas in the reactor the gas is absorbed by salts, thereby releasing heat. This immediate generation of cold and heat can range in magnitude between -30°C to over 200°C. Cold and heat can therefore be generated at any time in any place with no external energy connection required. This generation is silent and vibrationless.

Phase 2: Regeneration and energy storage

Once the ammonia has completely evaporated, the generation of cold and heat stops and the system can be recharged by supplying external heat (from electrical or solar energy or industrial heat recovery, etc.), causing the ammonia to condense. Once regenerated, the thermochemical system stores the energy and is then ready to use again. The cycle is infinitely reversible, as has been shown in the tests performed by Coldway, during which several million generating and recharging cycles were completed.

Autonomous technology with multiple advantages that can be used ad infinitum

  • Energy storage which is not restricted in time: once the system is charged, it stores its full energy capacity until the energy is released by opening the valve. Unlike a conventional battery, the COLDWAY thermochemical system does not lose any of its energy capacity over time.
  • Infinitely rechargeable system : several thousands of recharging cycles can be achieved with no loss in capacity.
  • Available power : the system can deliver cold and heat very quickly with high magnitude (from -30 to +200°C) and has the capacity to switch between temperatures.
  • Complete autonomy and mobility of the system, which can be used under all conditions and in all climates.
  • No impact on the ozone layer, reduction of CO2 emissions and of the greenhouse effect
  • Silent technology, resistant to the contingencies of transport (impact and vibrations)
  • A long-lasting system, requiring little maintenance (few moving parts and no consumables).
  • Use of different heat sources to regenerate the system – solar electricity, waste heat recovery, incineration etc.